We bring over a decade of Export expertise to you to make this process 100% hassle free. If you have any questions about exporting a vehicle feel free to contact

Chad or Shannon at (701) 825-6362 or email us at sales@northernborderexport.com.

We will file your self-propelled vehicle papers for you to obtain the ITN# and we will also take care of the 72 hour US Customs notification as well.

We have a large outdoor storage area for all you vehicle storage needs.

Vehicle Export

Here at Border Parcel, we can handle all of your vehicle export needs from the US to Canada. Starting back in October of 2014 it is now a requirement for ALL self-propelled vehicles regardless of age or value to obtain an ITN# in order to be exported out of the US. Border parcel has created Northern Border Export to handle all of this for you.  You can get more info on the exportation of vehicles by going to our Northern Border Export website. Please click here Northern Border Export - Authorized Vehicle Import Agent

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